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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  October 23, 2010 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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more secrets revealed. we can call it the largest classified military release in history. we're going to tell you what the records reveal. and it's down to the wire for the midterm elections with just ten days to go. president obama is out on the trail trying to stave off a republican landslide. and lindsay lohan lucks out. she's heading back to rehab instead of jail. did she catch a break because of her star status? plus, a debate over gay marriage. my conversation with actress fran dresher. why she's coming out now in support of same-sex marriage. good morning, everyone. i'm alex witt. thanks for joining us here on msnbc saturday. the race for the midterm vote enters the final stretch. president obama and south dakota sfleert john thune clashed on
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the issue of financial reform. >> despite the terrible economic dislocation caused by our financial system under the old rules, it's time for americans to boat the drum for repeal. >> despite the debt that is closing in on $14 trillion, the president wants to spend more money on these kinds of failed policies. >> new polling is setting the stage for november 2nd. although republicans claim momentum in the race, more registered voters say they are leaning toward democratic candidates. 42% support republicans in the gop. as far as at that professional rating, it is at 54%, now up from september. on the heels of that, let's bring in mark murray, nbc political news director. >> good morning, alex. let's talk about your newsweek
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polling. does this suggest that the republican race may not be a run away? >> well, our own "wall street journal" poll showed a little bit of a dumb in the democrats and president obama's favor. but that newsweek poll is a little bit more favorable than í
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republicans' favor but that's how democrats will stave off losses is by getting their people to the polls. >> on obama's approval rating at a new low in the most recent quarter. but getting specific, there are so many hot races out there. first to florida. the polling shows marco rubio is leading in the race for the senate. >> right now, marco rubio is in the 40s. what is interesting to me is how charlie crist and kendrick meek are spred spriting up the democratic vote. when you add up their percentages, that's more than marco rubio. the one potential game changer is if charlie crist decides that i will caucus with the democratic party. we'll see if that decides to move any numbers if he tries to do that with just ten days left. from there, now to the race
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in kentucky where rand paul is leading jack conway by five points. that race has turned particularly nasty. what is the big factor? >> this is probably the democrats' best chance to pick up a republican-held seat. rand paul has a consistent lead in most polls. as you mentioned, it's been very nasty. the debate has been all over what rand paul and the secret society that he belonged to whooit while at baylor university while attending college and some of the things that secret society did. it's gotten a lot of attention and it's gotten nasty. watch the margins there. if somehow jack conway does continue to pull closer to rand paul, democrats might be able to pick up one seat. that's their best chance. >> the democrats are concerned about hanging on to the control of the house and the senate but there are 37 gubernatorial races out there in play, 25 of which are being deemed competitive. talk about what that could mean,
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losing governorships and the key states like ohio and california. what would that mean for democrats 12347. >> well, what i'm looking at is 2012. and so some states like ohio, pennsylvania, you're talking about florida, these are all competitive, gubernatorial contests. as we know, those of us who spent so much time in 2007, 2008 looking at that presidential match, having a governor of your party in that governor's mansion does impact the presidential contest. also, redistricting that comes up next year got a -- if your party controls the governor's mansion and the state legislature, that helps you with that once every ten year redistricting process. so governors races do matter a whole lot. and the last thing, the governors usually are the big stars of their party. and the more stars that one party has, the better of a roster for potential presidential sds and other types of party leader peps. >> okay. mark murray, as always, thanks
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so much. >> thank you. >> for all the latest news and analysis, head to this video is just into us here at msnbc. four attackers dressed as women and policemen attacked a compound in harat. a car bomb was dead nated right at the gates of the compound. then two more attackers blew themselves up. they just announced there were no u.n. kaushty necessary that horrific and frightening attack. a 19-year-old california surfer is debted after he was attacked by a shark. lucas ransom's leg was bitten off as he surfed with his friends. experts say shark attacks are very rare, but there have been at least 100 shark attacks in california since the 1920s. however, only a dozen have been fatal. storm chasers stormed a violent hail storm in western texas. ice the size of golf balls
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rained down near lubbock. no injuries were reported. for a look at today's forecast, let's go to nbc bill karins. good morning. >> good saturday morning to you, alex. we're watching tropical storm richard. about two days ago, there was still a chance this storm could head up into the gulf, maybe near florida. that's no longer the case. it is pretty much etched in stone that this storm is going to stay further to the south and it's going to skirt the coast of honduras and head for belize in the days ahead. this storm system will be so close to land that we'll see it's not going to become a hurricane. then it should dissipate for the most part over the gulf of mexico. that is good. all of our computer models, those squiggly lines are keeping this mostly over land and away from areas in the united states. tropical storm richard will be a problem for honduras and belize, but not for anyone in the lower 48. our problem weather today, there are two huge storms. one up through the middle of the country bringing rain to chicago, areas of wisconsin early this morning and thunderstorms around oklahoma
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and texas. and then a monster storm on the west coast with strong, gusty winds, high elevation snow and a lot of heavy rain. here is a look at one of those storms. the rain this morning moving through iowa, into wisconsin, and it's going to be on and off rain for you through chicago into illinois during the day today. here is how your forecast looks for your saturday. the east coast, looks b just fine today. also on the west coast where we're dealing with our big rain and wind event. that's a look at your saturday forecast. back to you. >> thanks so much for that. the group behind the release of nearly 400,000 classic war documents says that it wants to expose the truth. wikileaks posted those documents online saying how u.s. forces didn't follow up on credible complaints of abuse. jim, with a good saturday morning to you, what do these documents reveal? >> well, you know, what they reveal are raw battlefield
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reports that were sent from local on the ground military commanders up their chain of command. so a lot of it has not been distilled or edited at any fact. this is war at its rawest. military and pentagon officials say, look, we've heard about this before, it's been reported in one form or another, but we've never seen so much of this information in such gruesome and grim detail. some of the most daming documents involve iraqi security forces, but most civilians. they reveal the u.s. military knew iraqi security beat, tortured and murdered detainees. but american forces were under orders not to intervene, so they looked the other way. one document showed an american helicopter gunship shot and killed a group of iraqis trying to surrender. >> i need to see all your i.d. >> other documents reveal that hundreds of iraqi civilians were killed at u.s. military checkpoints. and in one five-year period,
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more than 66,000 iraqi civilians were killed even though the -- repeatedly claimed they never kept sa activities. u.s. intelligence officials estimate that the names of more than 300 iraqi informants working with the americans appear in the documents. so today, the u.s. military, along with the iraqis, are attempting to track down each and every one to warn them their lives may be at risk. the pentagon officials condemn wikileaks for releasing the documents. >> but our biggest concern here is that it could endanger our forces even more than they inherently are in these war zones by revealing how we work on the battlefield. >> perhaps more troubling over the long run, the secret documents provide hashed evidence that iran had a bigger role in permitting violence in iraq than first thought and is still interfeaturing in iraq today. now, pentagon and military officials say because this is raw battlefield data, it doesn't
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show you -- it's unrefined, it doesn't show you what kind of response military leadership may have had to any of these incidents. so, therefore, they think some of this information can be taeb out of context. nevertheless, the pentagon and military are scrambling hard and fast today to try and minimize the fallout or perhaps even any security risk as a result of this release. >> nick, thanks much. we'll look forward to seeing you again next hour. thank you. the stock market was all up and down in the end, but in the end, all indices ended up being positive for the third straight week. vera gibbons is here to explain what that means. so i know there was an up and down day, wall street was up and down and then rallied. >> we're still over 1,000. corporate earnings have been good, pretty healthy there, so that's positive. but profit growth is concerned in each meeting going on and
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there's all this talk about currency wars. everyone is going to get together and agree to disagree so that's fresh on the dow, as well. >> how about you go to wall street and look at main street in terms of the consumer perspective, how about that? >> there's a new nbc survey out that shows consumers are pretty pessimistic. >> income, yep. the future of the economy. all this money has been dumped into the economy. spend it. trillions of dollars, right? but people are still feeling that bad. 92%, according to the cnbc survey, think the economy is fair or poor and that many of them feel that the american dream is alluding them at this point. >> i was just kind of walking by a restaurant storefront the other night and it was really empty, so i know dining out is definitely on the decline. but mcdonald's, huge. >> better than expected results. they're doing something right here. they have products that people want. they like the coffee, they like the smoothies.
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and they love the price. they have these dollar menus that have resinated very well with consumers, sausage mcmuffin webs something i'm sure our very own nick would love, hash browns. but this is the kind of stuff that people want. they want indispensive food food and they like what mcdonald's has to offer. so people are just going to the fast food chains. >> where the price apparently is right. ve vera, more coming up later this morning. thanks. >> thanks. president obama rolling the dice in vegas, betting on harry reid in the last big push to save the senate majority leader's jobs. it was all hugs and smiles when the chilean miners emerged from underground. [ commentator ] lindsey vonn! she stays tough!
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senator marry read, according to president obama, he's a fighter. that was the message yesterday in las vegas as the president tried to rally support for the
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embattled democrat. >> harry is not the flashiest guy, let's face it. harry kind of speaks in a very soft voice pep doesn't the move real quick. but harry reid does the right thing. >> nbc's michael harris is live for us in las vegas. and mike, a very good early morning to you there. it's one of the many stops for the president before election day. good morning. >> anything for our craft, alex. the president starts his day here before later on this morning leaving las vegas but not before doubling down on harry reid, his close ally yesterday to try to boost the chances of marry read, the democratic leader being re-elected to the united states senate. a recent poll has him two points down. he, of course, is running against sharron angle. it's a very controversial race, a bruising battle, millions of
8:19 am
dollars being spent. the president here campaigning on behalf of someone who helped shepd ard the health care bill through congress and all the other legislation that the obama administration pushed through in the last four months. the president concluded this trip through five states. he was in washington state for patti murray, started the trip in portland, oregon, then went down to california for barbara boxer where he had a big rally yesterday on the campus of the university of california. officials there saying it's some 30,000 strong. he finished his day yesterday at a big rally yesterday, somewhat smaller for harry reid here on the grounds of a middle school in las vegas, telling people that harry reid is a small guy, but he's pretty tough. he's soft spoken, but don't count him out. as a matter of fact, don't count out democrats. here is more of what he had to say. >> it all depends on you, just like you did in 2008, you can
8:20 am
defy the conventional wisdom, the wisdom that said you can't overcome cynicism and politics. >> and alex, later today, it's off to minnesota for the democratic gub ernatorial candidate there. more campaign travel with just ten days left before the election. he's going to head to rhode island, connecticut, cleveland, chicago and philadelphia and try to close the deal with a lot of these democrats. they fear that, of course, that enthusiasm gap. he's trying to get them to the poll toes make a difference, save the senate and perhaps save a lot of seats in the house for his party, alex. >> i loved the point when he talked about how the kids have to fight on. that's our big thing, we say fight on. so very cleverly. he is courting the youth because that's the one that usually is remiss in these midterm elections, right? >> right. because president obama is not at the top of the ticket now. there's less motivation, less enthusiasm. and it's no accident that the
8:21 am
president has been on these college campuses around the country for the university of wisconsin, ohio state university last sunday for another big moment, he was on the campus of the university of washington for a rally earlier in this trip and an enormous activity there at their indoor field house. so he's trying to light a fire under this traditional constituency. there was an event for women, trying to put that coalition back together that sent him to the oval office in 2008. the problem is that the turnout is not likely to be as high and the all the enthusiasm and energy appears to be on the other side of the aisle, on the republican side, alex. >> okay. mike, thanks so much. it was a moment that captivated the world when the rescue crews in chile pulled up a note first announcing that the 33 missing miners were alive. now the miner who penned that note says it belonged to him. he owns the copyright which
8:22 am
reads we are okay. chile's president reportedly believes that message belongs in a national museum. how the heck did this happen? britain's most advanced nuclear submarine runs agrand. plus, why actress fran dresher is getting involved in the fight to legalize same-sex marriage. interesting grooming.
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just ten days out from the might tell midterm elections, one issue getting a lot of attention in several gubernatorial and congressional races is same-sex marriage. a handful of celebrities are publicly endorsing gay marriage, including actress and comedian fran dresher who recently released this response. >> with a voice like this, you know i have to be a new yorker, but i'm also an american. and to me that means justice and equality and liberty for everyone. so i support marriage equality. >> earlier, i talked to fran dresher about this controversy and why she's coming out now in
8:26 am
support of same-sex marriage. >> i think that it's really an important thing and a thing that this country needs to realize is a constitutional right. and whenever we try and take any group and isolate them and say that they don't have the same rights as the rest of us, we're now really acting as americans and i think that we have to be reminded that this attack was a very reason why america was envisioned in the first place and why there was a revolution from great britain so many years ago. >> and to those who might counter that by saying, fran, this is an undermining of the sanitity of marriage, what would you say to that person? >> i would say, again, that's the kind of thing that is un-american because everybody's idea of what marriage is has to be an individual thing. we cannot have a mob mentality where it's my way or the
8:27 am
highway. i think to be an american means to be tolerant of somebody that thinks differently from you. >> how much does it bother you when you hear about people like republican senator jim dement that say gays should not be allowed to teach our children? >> you know, i think it's a slippery slope towards a country that is intolerant and justifies prejudice and racism and, really, where does it end? >> well, to go to new york state, as well, you have the republican gubernatorial candidate carl paladino saying he's afraid that homosexuals in prominent places will get into brainwashing our children. this is a candidate for the highest position in our state. how does that happen, do you think? >> you know, there's nothing to fear but fear itself. i find it quite deplorable when some of these politicians and people that are campaigning from an elected office use the divide
8:28 am
and conquer technique to put fear into americans, make them -- and pit one against the other. i think that we're being manipulated by them for their own advantage. i also think that this is rev lent on different television networks and i think that americans as a whole need to be very wary of this because at the end of the -- at the end of the day, we're all americans. and i think it's not what your sexual orientation is that counts. it's what's in your heart, what kind of character you are, what kind of human being you are, how loving you are to somebody else. what are you going for the greater good, how are you helping humanity. these are the questions that we should be asking ourselves. and i just fear that when it comes to, you know, a volatile election like this across the nation, that they always infuse something that gets people riled
8:29 am
up and pushes them into the -- the voting booth. because they're afraid that they can't get people to come in and vote for them on their own merit. >> we're going to have a bit more of my conversation with fran drescher later this morning. wikileaks is at it again releasing information on the iraq war. is it putting troops at risk? plus, are ladies the key to holding down republican gains? political guru charlie cook is in the house and he joins us next. [ advisor 1 ] what do you see yourself doing one week,
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i'm alex witt. honduras is under a hurricane watch right now as tropical storm richard heads toward central america. richard is bringing heavy rains in honduras, prompting concerns of dangerous floods and landslides. in naples this morning,
8:33 am
protesters are angry over the management of a new garbage dump. the prime minister is pledging to spend $20 million to upgrade that dump. and britain's nuclear submarine is now free after being stuck for more than a day on the rocks off scotland. it was undergoing sea trials. they are probably going to keep on testing it. you think? president obama is trying to re-energize the voters who elected him into the oval office. but when it comes to women, it's an uphit battle. new pew research center polls show women voter preference is for republicans. charlie cook is an msnbc political analyst. he joins me now. what do you make of those stats? are women voters trending away differently from the rest of the
8:34 am
pot, or not? >> well, you know the commercial when it rains, it pours, when you're having a bad year, you're having a bad year and it's for everybody. and women, least of most groups, but even among women democrats are having problems right now in some races. say connecticut, though, it's a republican woman that is having a problem with women and that that is sort of one of the few things saving democrats in that race. but this kind of down year, you're down across the board. you're either losing ground or losing enthusiasm. among women, it's just part of it. >> yes. and it seems to be an isolated difference with women going her way. >> that's right. that's exactly right. >> what about the president campaign rallies on campuses? it's going to be appearing on the daily show with jon stewart. clearly, this appeals to the new vote out there. this is a midterm election. president obama is not at the top of his ticket. to what extent is the youth vote
8:35 am
absolutely a top variety to try and capture the next ten days? >> well, presidential leaders of the party, that's part of their job, it's to go out and stir up as much vote as they can in the medicine term elections. these are three of the groups that sort of turbo charged the democratic party in 2008 and put them over the top. yet it's hard to get young people worked up. the job market is the worst it's been in 15 years. the unemployment rate is down near 15%. it's hard to get them worked up. >> i want to get to some details here. with approval among the black voters at 91%. traditionally, with something that high, doesn't that translate into incredible support in the party?
8:36 am
>> well, the first part is important. to the extent they vote. and in the african-american community, for example, the employment rate is 15.9%. the whole thing is getting them enthused. and so democrats, i think things aren't going well in terms of twingeing independent voters. and so the last thing they need to do or the most important thing now is to get their fathd out to minimize the losses, keep their lows down to as low at possible. is it a defeated strategy? kind of.
8:37 am
it's probable an 80% chance. the senate is probably better off now than they were a month ago. it's just slowing down. >> charlie cook, not slowing down right now, you've got a big ten days ahead of you. thank you, charlie. >> thank you. coming up on sunday's "meet the press" an exclusive interview with michael steele. check your local listings for that. i think charlie will be on that show, as well tomorrow. wikileaks is defending its decision to release hundreds of thousands of leaked iraqi war documents. it reveals savage acts against prisoners. in some cases, sfrgs intervened. joining me live now, jack jacobs. good morning to you, colonel. >> good morning. >> let's first of all talk about the man behind wikileaks.
8:38 am
can they be prosecuted for releasing this information? >> they can be. some of it is classified even higher. he could be prosecuted, but he wasn't prosecuted when he released the 77,000 other documents back in june. i don't think they're going to go after him and not only that, even if he is indicted in the united states, he would have to about extradited from the uniteded kingdom or wherever he is. i think it's unlikely that that is going to happen. is this going to be the same source for everything about iraq or could it be elsewhere? >> no. i'll be astonished if it's -- if manning isn't behind this, too. there's a number of investigations taking place now inside the army to determine whether or not he or somebody else or he and somebody else are
8:39 am
behind all this. but the likelihood is that he's behind this lot, as well. that's too much of a questions dense. how do 77,000 documents and subsequently almost 400,000 documents get copied, released without anybody noticing? ? >> that's the real question here, not so much what's in the documents. it's a lot of documents and nobody is going to have enough time left in his life to go over each and every one of those. the real question is how can a low level tactical analyst -- i mean, he's really at a low level. >> private first class. >> the answer is he got to it easily and that should just scare everybody to death. if this guy can get into the system and and get this enormous amount of documents, that means anybody can. we know for a fact that the chinese have entire organizations dedicated to hacking into our systems, both government and business systems.
8:40 am
we should be very, very scared about our vulnerability. >> how about our damage to u.s. troops potentially for all of this? are you concerned about that? >> ultimately, sure. and -- but i don't think there's going to be any damage, specifically to u.s. troops. a lot of these documents are relatively old. the troops are not there when the documents were actually created in the first place. but there are two things about this we should be concerned about f. first, releasing the names of the iraqis who assisted us and so they're targets, too. second, this is a bureaucratic thing. the sure number of documents, we had too many classified documents. just about anybody can classify a document. and it's just like a crisis. if everything is a crisis, then nothing is a crisis. if everything is classified, then nothing is classified. we have to shape up and start getting serious about which information needs to be protected and when does not. we cannot do that at the moment. >> colonel jack jack jobs, as always, thanks. coming up, liar, liar, pants
8:41 am
on fire. we're looking at the biggest campaign fibs of the season. and lindsay lohan spared the slammer. how many last chances does one starlet get? [ female announcer ] imagine the possibilities
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ten days out from the midterm elections and the campaign price tags continue to soar. the two candidates battling for the governor's race in california spent a combined $87 million since july. that is an all-time record for a
8:45 am
general election in that state. meg whitman is leaning on her polls, but polls show brown is ahead. meantime, telemundo is launching a get out vote campaign to make sure latinos are heading to the polls. one of the big races for the democrats as they try to keep their majority in the senate is going on in illinois. a young protege of president obama is battling to keep the party's hold on to the senate seat that the president himself once occupied. it is a battle that has become very bitter. john has more from chicago. >> reporter: the nastiest personal race for president obama's old senate seat boils down to one question. who do you trust less? >> what's worse than the lies mark kirk said about himself? the truth about what kirk has
8:46 am
done. >> alexi is democrat alexis gentleman newlius, an obama basketball buddy. his republican opponent? mark kirk, a five-time congressman and former congressional aide pap recent poll asked which candidate was mon orrest and trustworthy. more than a third say they couldn't pick. >> i think that they both have a lot of smog. >> it seems more lies than truth. >> they seem to be really negative and not focused on the issues. >> this is a race about someone who has been in washington pore 20 years or fresh leadership and new ideas. >> in a debate this week, kirk attacked jenubius over work at his family's bank. >> the people that were your
8:47 am
business associates. >> of course, mistake res make and inevitably, there are people you wish you had never done business with. jenulius wevent after kirk's records. congressman, it's a simple question. were you shot at or not? >> a contest that's likely to go right down to the wire and could control the senate. well, should we have been spared more jail time, actress lindsay lohan will be spending the rest of the year in rehab. let's get the latest on that from our entertainment correspondent. tell me what the judge said yesterday. >> the judge said she is going back to rehab. she did violate the rules that the judge set forth. he said if you test positive again for cocaine or drugs, you're going back to jail. but what she did is she entered rehab. she's been in rehab for three
8:48 am
weeks. went there, wrote a handwritten letter to the judge. the judge seemed to think that she's made some progress. specifically until after the new year. new year's eve. so until january 3rd, possibly longer she might be there. but he wants her there until january 3rd. she has to show up on january 25th for a court ruling. and if she doesn't fail any drug tests until february 25th, she's free and clear. she's done with this nightmare. >> is this causing her financial difficulty? >> in the probation report, she's saying this is a financial problem for her because she's been in this rehab center. she hasn't been able to, obviously, work on movie webs she hasn't been able to focus on her clothing line. but obviously, this is a better deal for her than going to jail. rehab seems to be the best thing for her all around, for her work, for her career. and to get better. it sounds like she really is making progress this time. it sounds like everyone has so much more hope for her.
8:49 am
and the thing is, what other actor or actress would get this many chances? you have to think people really want her to get better. she's a great actress. there's still movie offers out there for her. there's a movie that she might get in january when she gets out of rehab. what about randy quaid? this is bizarre. refugees in canada? what is that? >> they're seeking asylum in canada. they're saying that they're afraid there's some group out there murdering their friends and they want asylum inned canada. >> what? >> well, they were arrested in canada because there was a warning out for them. they had been arrested for allegedly squatting in a home they once owned. they missed that warning. they were arrest and had no they're saying they need to be protected in canada because their friends like heath ledger were killed by this group of hollywood whackers or something like that they're calling them. >> what? it sounds like they're smoking
8:50 am
something. i don't know. that's awfully bizarre. >> very bizarre. o.j. simpson is in the thus in. what's going on there? >> he's in jail for up to 33 years because of this attempted burglary, trying to steal back his own memorabilia back in 2008, filed an appeal alleging jury makeup and jush additional misconduct, the conviction was not overturned. so it still stands and he's still in jail. >> thanks much. we'll get more later from you. meantime, promises, promises, the lies the candidates are telling voters to get through the polls next week. [ man ] ♪ trouble ♪ trouble, trouble trouble, trouble ♪ ♪ trouble been doggin' my soul ♪ since the day i was born ♪ worry
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we're now just over a week away from the midterm elections and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are gearing up for a
8:54 am
final campaign push to get the voters out to the booth. most will hang their heads on rejuvenating our slumping economy. rick newman is now joining us. the new article breaks down what he calls the five campaign fibs about the economy. this promises to be good. >> i might say don't believe anything you hear. i cringe when i watch some of these campaign ads because we know it's mostly about the economy and they're not facts. they're accusations and some outright fibs. >> first thing to talk about, stimulus plan didn't work. >> the republicans got the memo on this one. it's a political winner to campaign against the stimulus plan. the fact is, the stimulus plan probably helped end the recession a lot sooner than it would have been otherwise. it helped save or create a few jobs and the added gdp growth. the problem with the stimulus is the democrats sold it terribly. they way overpromised. so if you say compared to what the democrats promised back in 2009, yeah, the stimulus has not
8:55 am
accomplished what the democrats said it would. and it's not clear what anybody doov dpon done back then that would have done a better job. >> what about the one driving the u.s. toward insolvency. >> the democrats and republicans are hooked on excessive spending. to get to where did the huge national debt come from, here is where it came from. the bush administration in eight years added $6.1 trillion to the national debt. in to years, the obama administration has added 3.2 trillion. so they both have. that's been with democratic and republican congresses. both parties are completely addicted to reckless spending and nobody has yet come up with a credible plan to stop them. >> okay. what about health care reform? it's going to cost $1 trillion. >> it will cost $1 trillion and for over ten years, it's about $1.2 trillion. but when you just end the sentence tr, that makes it sound
8:56 am
like there's another $1 trillion coming out of our pocket. there's another $1.3 trillion coming in the form of offsets. those are the best numbers we have. it's going to cost $1.2, it's going to save $1.3. the cbo is saying this is a net decrease in the debt. so you have to add both sides. what about those that suggest the obama administration is crushing small businesses? >> this is a claim of the u.s. chamber of commerce. they're saying that the new rules in health care reform are going to do this. but they're defining small business as any company that has up to 500 employees. and if you break this down, companies that have 50 or fooer employees will benefit from this. it gets fuzzier when you get between 15 and 500. it's like 97% of small
8:57 am
businesses are 50 employees or fewer. they'll be doing okay. >> here is one that is most important to people, that the democrats have created jobs. well, we're hearing from the white house and there are these new white board videos that often go to the economic adviser where he stands up there in front of his thing and points to the charts and things like that. in the latest one he said look at the trend. the trend for private sector jobs has been improving over the last four months. it has been. that's true. but pay attention to that modifier, private sector. because overall, we're still losing jobs and the economy depends on all of those jobs, not just on private sector jobs. so if you want to get -- again, go to the numbers during the last year of the bush administration, we lost about 4.4 million jobs. under obama, we lost about 3.3 million jobs. we're still down 8 million jobs and the overall trend has not really turned positive yet. so very mixed record. >> rick, this is pretty good stuff. thanks for bringing it to us.
8:58 am
>> thanks for listening. >> okay. we all just did. so what's in a name? authorities are on the hunt for the church lady and she's not the only for the nickname these days. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion.
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